Medal of Valor (color / sky blue)
Presented to an officer who distinguished himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his own life
Chief’s Citation (color / royal blue)
Presented to an officer for heroic acts above and beyond the normal course of his/her duties.
Purple Heart (color / purple)
Presented to an officer who while acting in official capacity is seriously injured or wounded.
Life Saving Medal (color / red)
Presented to an officer for saving a human life.
Officer of the Year (color / white with gold stripes)
Presented to an officer who was selected by his/her peers as the officer who exemplifies what it means to be a patrolman within the Logan Police Department.
Commendation Medal (color / gray)
Presented in recognition of outstanding achievement that is incontestably exceptional and of a magnitude that clearly places an individual above his peers.
Educational Recognition (color / yellow)
The ribbon is awarded to any officer who obtains an associates degree in a law enforcement related field. A star device is added for each higher level of education achieved.
Field Training Officer (color / green, maroon)
Presented to an officer who has been given the authority to train new officers. New officers undergo a year probationary period and three month F.T.O. period.
Physical Fitness Award (color / red, white, blue)
Presented to an officer who has passed the Logan Police Department’s physical fitness test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, and one mile run.
Safe Driving Citation (color / green)
Presented to an officer who does not have an at fault accident while on duty for three years and every five years there after.
Bronze Star Device
Presented to an officer to place on a ribbon he or she has already been awarded. This device means the officer has received the award again.


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