Q. When can my child be out of the child seat?
A. A child doesnít have to be in a child seat when they meet two requirements: They have reached the age of four and their weight is forty pounds or more.
Q. What is the legal limit for window tint on a car?
A. 50% on side and rear windows, no reflective material is allowed. S.U.Vís are allowed to have darker windows on all windows behind the two front windows.
Q. Am I required to have 2 license plates on my car in Ohio?
A. Yes
Q. What are my rights as a landlord when evicting a tenant?
A. The tenant must be given a (3) three-day notice to leave the premises. This notice must have been filed with the court. IF the tenant is still in the residence after the three days, the landlord must file for a forcible entry through the court. After the court hears the case, they will either grant the forcible entry or not grant the entry. In the City of Logan it is the tenantís responsibility to pay for extermination from the time that they move in. It is landlordís responsibility prior to the renters moving in.



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