License Plate Readers

The Logan Police Department uses the latest technology to help fight crime in the city. We have cruisers with LPR systems capable of informing the patrol officers of the locations of criminals that would normally go unnoticed. More than 1000 agencies across 50 US states are applying the Digital Automatic License Plate Reader to a variety of missions including:

• Recovery of stolen vehicles and rental cars
• Assistance with AMBER Alerts and missions related to missing and exploited children
• Safe school initiatives such as perimeter security and school bus safety
• Development and maintenance of Sexual Predators Hot Lists
• Drug interdiction
• Highway Safety
• Homeland Security initiatives
• Gang and racketeering interdiction
• Protection Order Violations
• Assistance in the arrests of subjects with outstanding warrants

Agencies are more quickly recovering stolen license plates and vehicles as they go about their normal duties each shift. All the while, the MPH-900 is running plate after plate against “Hot Lists” of stolen license plates and vehicles, sending automatic, instantaneous alarms to an officer that a suspect plate or vehicle is in the immediate area.

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