Parking Violations

76.01 Prohibition Against Parking on Highways  
76.02 Condition When Motor Vehicle Left Unattended  
76.03 Police May Remove Illegally Parked Vehicle  
76.04(A) On Sidewalk  
76.04(B) In front of public or private driveway  
76.04(C) Within an intersection  
76.04(D) Within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant  
76.04(E) On a crosswalk  
76.04(F) Within twenty (20) feet of a crosswalk at an intersection  
76.04(G) Within thirty (30) feet of, and upon the approach to, flashing beacon, stop sign, or traffic-control device  
76.04(H) Within fifty (50) feet of the nearest rail or a railroad crossing  
76.04(I) Within twenty (20) feet of entrance to fire station, seventy-five (75) feet on opposite side when posted  
76.04(K) Alongside any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge or curb of street (Double Parking)  
76.04(L) Upon any bridge or elevated structure upon a highway, or within a highway tunnel  
76.04(M) Where signs prohibit stopping, standing, or parking; where curbing is yellow; or in excess of posted time limit  
76.04(N) Within one (1) foot of another parked vehicle  
76.04(O) On roadway portion of a freeway, expressway, or thruway  
76.05(A) Parking more than twelve (12) inches from curb  
76.05(C) Stopped or parked facing direction different from that side of street (Wrong Way Parking)  
76.09 Parking for displaying or repairing vehicle  
76.10 Opening door on traffic side  
76.13 Parking in alleys and narrow streets  
76.18 Parking trucks in residential districts  
76.19 Night parking of commercial vehicles in residential districts  
76.20 Parking over twenty-four (24) hours  
76.22 Advertising from vehicle (Parking for Sale or Display)
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