School Resource

School Resource Officers are placed in the Logan Schools to provide a safer environment for our children to enjoy.

Patrolman R. Fitzgerald

Ptl. C. Smith

These officers actually have offices in their respective schools and spend their duty day at the school.

Law Enforcement at Schools - SRO’s do investigations, make arrests and provide constant security through foot patrol inside the school and around the surrounding area. The SRO serves as a liaison between the school, the police department, and the community. He creates an atmosphere of safety for students, teachers, and an administration that promotes the education process.

Teaching - SRO’s get into the classroom and teach law related subjects whenever possible. Examples might include teaching about drug and alcohol abuse in a Health Class or teaching about the law in a Government Class although there are numerous other examples.

Mentorship - SRO's serve as mentors and role models for youth. By being placed in the school environment the SRO has numerous opportunities to interact with juveniles and to make a positive impression on them. By earning their trust students are more comfortable talking to the SRO about problems they may be experiencing or just asking for advice.

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