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Updated 07-11-2010

Congratulations Logan Police Award Winners!

Officer of the Year 2010/
Ptl. R. Culbertson

Dispatcher of the Year 2010/
E. Schultz

Chief Kelch Award 2010/
Ptl. R. Culbertson and Ptl. J. Mowery

Educational Award 2011
Ptl. B. Skinnerl for earning his Bachelor's Degree



The Police Department has know joined AChild Is Missing. This is a service that will automatically call every phone number in a given area when a child, elderly subject, or someone with mental illness is discovered missing.

When a subject is missing, the police department will then contact A Child Is Missing. They will be provided information on the subject's last know whereabouts and the officer will then tell them how far out from this area to make the contacts.

Within minutes every residence and business in that selected area will receive a recorded message from the police department giving a description of the missing subject and contact information to report the whereabouts.

Please visit and see what they offer and then email the police department and tell us your views on this new service. We feel this service could greatly enhance the chances of recovering a missing subject and with your help Logan can be a safer place for our children, elderly, and our citizens with mental illness.

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